Development Snapshots

These are development snapshots of the code over the development time. If you are looking for the latest stable releases then you should pay a visit to the Web3d Consortium's homepage for Xj3D These dev releases are offered without any form of support or any other sort of extra help. These are snapshots of the code wrapped into JAR files ready for you to place anywhere on your machine. Unlike the formal releases, there are barely any release notes, no installers, no JDK. We assume you are a developer and already have the necessary pre-requisite environment installed and that you know how to take a collection of JAR files and make it work on your machine.

Latest Test Installer(09/07/2010)

Release Notes - A brief description of what has changed since the previous development release.

Windows Full Installer - The whole kitchen sink. This includes Java and any other required libraries.

Windows Installer - A self-executing archive file that includes the required library files. If you are using Windows Vista it is required to use this installation method because of the new UAC security protocols. Also, if you are not running as Administrator then you will not be able to install it into the default "Program Files" directory on Windows Vista. You should instead install to a user owned directory, such as C:\Users\Bob\.

Other platforms have a self-executing JAR. You are required to have either JRE or JDK 1.5 or later installed before attempting to install this software. Then, find a command line and type:

  java -jar Xj3D-2-M1-platform.jar
Alternatively, double click on the JAR file from a graphical file manager on your system. If an installer doesn't start then you will need to launch it from the command line. These downloads are Eclipse plugins to allow Xj3D to be used in Eclipse applications. A description of installing and using these plugins is available in the Using Xj3D in Eclipse RCP tutorial.

Javadoc - Code API documentation.

Old Snapshots

These are previous dev releases, provided for historical and testing purposes. You really should not be downloading these unless you really know what you are doing.

2.0 M1 Development Releases

09 July 2010
18 May 2009
05 January 2009
05 September 2008
30 June 2008
02 June 2008
29 May 2008
23 March 2008
04 March 2008
14 December 2007
14 July 2007
14 June 2007
12 April 2007
09 January 2007
01 December 2006
10 November 2006
22 August 2006
12 June 2006

1.0 Release Canidates

Post M10

Post M9

Post M8

Post M7

Post M5

Post M4

Installation Notes

To use a dev release snapshot, we recommend that you first have installed the previous stable milestone release. It is not needed if you know what you are doing, but for those that aren't too familiar with Java and JAR files, it will be much easier if you do. You can find the latest stable release here.

These are ZIP files. The contents are as-is. The zip files contain a couple of directories that will map to the normal ones found in a working environment for the Xj3D SVN build - lib and jar. The JAR files from here can be placed all in the one directory (eg in the JRE/lib/ext directory), or in the two suggested. Note that these dev releases are not cumulative. You only need the latest release.

Before attempting to use this software, make sure that you check the installation jar/ directory for a file called xj3d-all.jar. If it is there, delete it. This is a JAR that we only construct for the milestone releases. This contains old code and will give you errors if you try to run any of these newer releases.

From 22 May 2004 and onwards, we are including the contents of the /apps area for you to run. These are self-executable JAR files. There's not much documentation included in the file, but we'll be putting a heap of it up on this site in the near future.

Software Dependencies

If you are using the OpenGL renderer you will require the latest version of JOGL to run. You can download JOGL from We require at least 1.1-beta03 to function correctly. JOGL requires that you have JDK 1.4.2 or later in order to run.

For releases prior to 12 October 2002, we do not include the Mozilla Rhino JAR file. You will need to download and install it yourself if you don't already have it on your machine. We require version 1.5R2 at a minimum (later versions should still work). After this date we include 1.5R3 as part of the download.

Reporting Bugs

To report bugs in a particular development release (or any stable release for that matter) please visit our Bugzilla area and post them. We are very busy and manage multiple projects simultaneously so in order to make sure we get your bug report and not delete it under the copious amounts of spam, report it to bugzilla.

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